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Infinite – Ananta In Hinduism

Ananta means infinite, the opposite of anta (end or last). Ananta in Hinduism stands for that which cannot be limited in terms of extension, dimension, time, number, action, gender, etc. That which has infinite qualities in nature and transcends all these qualities is Ananta. The being that is infinite in nature is without limit.

Ananta is that which is not matter and is not limited to worlds by numbers and extensions. Santata (relative existence) is the root cause of suffering caused by bonds or individualized forms like shape, color, etc. What is not relative has no possibility of suffering caused by bonds and hence it is called Ananta.

As Brahman, in Advaita, is consciousness pervading all and yet at the same time beyond, i.e. both immanent and transcendent, it is called Ananta. Since there is no division of time and space in consciousness and as consciousness by itself is the cause of all spacio-temporal divisions, it is called Ananta.

Taittiriyopanishad defines Brahman as satyam jnanam anantam (Brahman is truth, knowledge and infinity). Ananta conveys the fact that Brahman is limitless in space, time and attributes.