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Unmanibhava And Amanibhava In Hinduism

In Hinduism, the concepts of unmanibhava and amanibhava hold profound significance in the spiritual journey of an individual towards realizing the ultimate truth or Brahman. These concepts are described in texts like the Mandala Brahmana Upanishad, offering insights into the nature of the mind and its relationship with the Supreme Self.

Unmanibhava refers to a state of transcending the mind, where one goes beyond the fluctuations and limitations of ordinary consciousness. It is an experience of realizing the essence of Brahman, the ultimate reality that underlies the entire universe. In this state, the individual becomes absorbed in the awareness of the Supreme Self, recognizing it as the ultimate cause of everything, including deities like Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra. The mind in ‘unmani bhava’ is no longer subject to the influence of the senses or the distractions of the external world. Instead, it becomes firmly established in the contemplation of the divine, leading to a profound sense of inner peace and harmony.

Amanibhava, on the other hand, refers to a state where the mind ceases to function in its usual fickle manner. It is a state of mind where the fluctuations and disturbances caused by external stimuli are no longer able to affect one's inner equilibrium. In ‘amani bhava’, the mind becomes steady and unwavering, like a lamp kept in a windless place. This steadiness of mind arises from the recognition of the Supreme Self as the ultimate reality, beyond all dualities and distinctions. In this state, the individual experiences a profound sense of tranquility and contentment, as the mind rests in the bliss of Brahman.

Both unmanibhava and amanibhava represent stages in the spiritual evolution of an individual, where the mind is gradually purified and elevated to higher states of consciousness. Through practices like meditation, self-inquiry, and devotion, one can cultivate these states and ultimately realize the eternal truth of Brahman, experiencing a state of profound bliss and oneness with the universe.