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Story Of Sita Gifting Necklace To Hanuman In Ramayana

The story of Mata Sita gifting a necklace to Hanuman is found in the Yuddha Kanda of Ramayana. This incident reveals the greatness of Hanuman.

Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra gave Mata Sita a pearl necklace, glittering like the moonbeams, along with bright garments and beautiful ornaments. Sita looked at them, and then gave them to Hanuman. Next, removing her own necklace she looked repeatedly at the assembled vanaras as well as at her husband. Rama, understanding her intent, told her to give that to the one with whom she was most pleased. Sita gave the necklace to Pavanaputra Hanuman, who was possessed of [such ‘pearl-like’ attributes as] energy, fortitude, glory, dexterity, efficacy, humility, statesmanship, valor, prowess, and discernment. Hanuman wore the necklace and shone like a mountain lighted up by the moonbeams. (Valmiki Ramayana, 6.131.78–83.)