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Story Of Goddess Parvati And Kirti And Vasa

The story of Goddess Parvati and the demons Kirti and Vasa is indeed an intriguing one, deeply rooted in Hindu tradition and associated with the Ekambra Kshetra, also known as Bhubaneswar or Gupta Kashi, and the Lingaraj temple.

It is said that Mahadeva Shiva, feeling overwhelmed by the commotion and crowds of devotees in Kashi, sought solace in Ekambra Kshetra without informing Goddess Parvati of his whereabouts. However, Goddess Parvati, through the guidance of Brahma, learned of Shiva's presence in Ekambra Kshetra and set out to find him.

Upon reaching Ekambra Kshetra, Goddess Parvati discovered Mahadeva Shiva in deep meditation amidst a gathering of thousands of cows shedding milk at a single point. Impressed by the serene environment and Shiva's presence, she decided to stay there as a Gopaluni, taking care of the cows.

Goddess Parvati's divine aura and beauty began to transform the surroundings, bringing a sense of peace and sanctity to Ekambra Kshetra. However, this transformation attracted the attention of two notorious demons, Kirti and Vasa, known for their oppression of the innocent.

Enchanted by Goddess Parvati's beauty, the demons approached her and proposed marriage. Sensing their true intentions, Goddess Parvati agreed to their proposal under the condition that they carry her on their shoulders and show her around the Kshetra.

As the demons began to carry Goddess Parvati on their shoulders for the Kshetra Parikrama, she revealed her true divine form, overwhelming them with her immense power and presence. Unable to bear the weight of the divine Goddess, the demons were crushed under her feet and sent to hell.

The place where the demons were vanquished by Goddess Parvati's divine power is known as Devipadahara, and it is believed that a tank formed there, known as the Devipadahara Tank, commemorates this event.

This story symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and the immense power of the divine Goddess Parvati, showcasing her as the ultimate symbol of strength, grace, and protection.