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Sri Yogeendra Tirtha Aradhana

Sri Yogeendra Tirtha (1671-1688 CE) stands as a prominent figure in the spiritual lineage, being one of the earliest direct disciples of Guru Raghavendra Tirtha. His life is characterized by a deep dedication to the study of shastras under the guidance of his revered guru. Sri Yogeendra Tirtha Aradhana is the Punyadina or the death anniversary of the pious soul. Sri Yogeendra Tirtha Aradhana 2024 date is February 19.

Originally known as Venkannacharya, Yogeendra Tirtha underwent a transformative journey upon embracing the sannyasa ashrama, a phase during which Guru Raghavendra Swamy bestowed upon him the name Sri Yogindra Tirtha, designating him as the chosen successor.

A distinguished scholar and intellectual, Yogeendra Tirtha assumed a significant role in the upkeep and worship of Guru Raghavendra Tirtha's Brindavan at Mantralaya after the guru's entry into the divine realm. Subsequently, he embarked on a pilgrimage across various regions of India, showcasing his prowess in spiritual debates by defeating notable figures like Kaka Shastri in Bhagyanagar.

The final destination of Yogeendra Tirtha's travels was Srirangam, where he received a warm welcome from King Muddalagadri Nayak of Madurai. Recognizing the greatness of Yogeendra Tirtha, the king presented him with the Kalla mutt in Srirangam in 1679 CE. Choosing to make Srirangam his permanent abode, Yogeendra Tirtha dedicated himself to disseminating the teachings he had imbibed from Guru Raghavendra Tirtha.

Residing in the sacred environs of Srirangam, Yogeendra Tirtha continued his spiritual endeavors. He attained his eternal abode on the tenth day of the waxing moon in the Magh month, specifically on Magh Shukla Paksha Dashami, according to the traditional Hindu Kannada calendar followed in Karnataka. His legacy endures through his contributions to spirituality and the dissemination of the profound teachings he inherited from Guru Raghavendra Tirtha.