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Quotes On Sita In Ramayana By Swami Vivekananda

You may exhaust the literature of the world that is past, and ... future, before finding another Sita. Sita is unique; that character was depicted once and for all. There may have been several Ramas, perhaps, but never more than one Sita! She is the very type of the true Indian woman, for all the Indian ideals of a perfected woman have grown out of that one life of Sita.( The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, 9 vols (Calcutta: Advaita Ashrama, 1–8, 1989; 9, 1997), 3.255.

‘Sita, purer than purity itself, all patience, and all suffering. She who suffered ... without a murmur, she the ever-chaste and ever-pure wife, she the ideal of the people, the ideal of the gods. ... Sita has gone into the very vitals of our race. She is there in the blood of every Hindu man and woman; we are all the children of Sita. ... The women of India must grow and develop in the footprints of Sita, and that is the only way.’ (Complete Works, 3.256)

Apart from scholarly analyses, the character of Sita is often expressed in creative and symbolic
terms. One such is Swami Vivekananda’s explication of the soul’s journey to salvation. In it, Sita
represents the jivatman. According to him: ‘Rama was the Paramatman and Sita was the Jivatman, and each man’s or woman’s body was the Lanka. ... The Jivatman which was enclosed in the body, or cap- tured in the island of Lanka, always desired to be in affinity with the Paramatman, or Shri Rama. But the Rakshasas would not allow it, and Rakshasas represented certain traits of character.’ (Complete Works, 5.415)