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Paithankar Bhanudas Maharaj – Short Biography

Paithankar Bhanudas Maharaj (1448–1513) was an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Vitthal of Pandharpur. He played an important role in bringing back the murti of Vitthal Rukmini to Pandharpur Temple.

It is traditionally believed that King Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagar had the murti of Panduranga (Bhagavan Vitthal) taken to Hampi, possibly to prevent desecration by Muslim invaders. The
absence of the deity sent the whole of Pandharpur into a pall of gloom. It was Paithankar Bhanudas
Maharaj who brought back the deity to Pandharpur. Bhanudas’s family was traditionally devoted to

He says:
Amuchiye kuli pandhari nema
Mukhi sada nama vithobache.

In our family there is a tradition of vari to Pandharpur and (we) always repeat the name of Vithoba.

Sant Eknath was the great-grandson of Bhanudas Maharaj.