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Kamikagama is one of the important architectural texts in Hinduism. It is among the most famous of the Shaivagamas, its first part (Purvakamikagama) is devoted mainly to architecture and is literally crammed with verse, and sometimes even entire passages are to be found in the Mayamata, a well known and important architectural text.

It is doubtful whether one of these two texts has borrowed from the other or whether both have borrowed from a third work but it does not seem possible to determine this in the present state since the editions of Purvakamikagama in current existence are all at a pre-critical stage at best, which does not allow for any assessment of the exact value of the text as we know it.

Unlike Mayamata, Kamikagama is rather incoherent; verses and passages from Mayamata have been added to fill up ‘gaps’ in an ill-preserved text of Kamikagama, or else the section from Mayamata was intended to add more information about an inadequately covered topic in Kamikagama.