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Does A Jnani Have Prarabdhakarma?

In the context of Advaita Vedanta, the philosophy discussed in the Nadabindupanishad, the question of whether a jnani (a realized or enlightened soul) has prarabdha karma (the karma responsible for this birth) is a subject of inquiry. According to this tradition, prarabdha karma refers to the portion of one's past karma that is responsible for the circumstances of their current life.

The Nadabindupanishad explores this question and arrives at the conclusion that although prarabdha karma exists for a jnani, they do not experience its effects in the same way as an ordinary person would. This is because the jnani, having realized the ultimate truth of non-duality (advaita), sees the world as an illusion (maya) and identifies with the eternal, unchanging aspect of the self (atman) rather than the transient aspects of individual existence.

From the perspective of the jnani, life is perceived as akin to a dream, where events unfold according to the play of karma, but are ultimately insubstantial and devoid of inherent reality. Thus, while prarabdha karma may continue to influence the jnani's life circumstances, they remain untouched by its effects, abiding in a state of inner peace and equanimity.

In essence, the Nadabindupanishad suggests that although prarabdha karma may persist for a jnani, their realization of ultimate truth renders them immune to its influence, allowing them to transcend the limitations of worldly existence and abide in the bliss of pure awareness.