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Bhagavan Sri Rama Talks About The Abilities Of Hanuman To Lakshmana

In the Valmiki Ramayana, however, Hanuman meets Rama in the foothills of Mount Rishyamuka, disguised as a mendicant at the behest of Sugriva. He had been sent to find out what brought the brothers there and, if they were not Bali’s allies, to offer them Sugriva’s hand of friendship.

During this meeting, Rama observes Hanuman’s unusual abilities and tells Lakshmana:

He is the counsellor of the vanara king Sugriva, and has approached me at his behest. ... He has mastery over language. ... It is impossible for anyone to converse like him without attaining command over the Rig, Yajur, and Sama Vedas. His proficiency in grammar is thorough; he has studied it many times over. And though he has spoken so much, he has not uttered a single word out of place or irrelevant to the context. There was no grimace on his face, eyes, forehead, or brow, nor any inappropriate gesture from any other part of his body. His diction is neither expansive nor elliptical, neither too slow nor too fast. The thoughts in his heart, escaping his throat, are expressed in a medium tone. His language is cultured, attractive, and beatific, and his manner, neither gushing nor tardy. ... How can the objectives of a king, who does not have such an illustrious emissary, ever be accomplished?