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Ashvayuji Ritual Performed On Full Moon Day In Ashwin Month

The Ashvayuji Ritual, also known as Asvayuji or Ashwayuji, is a significant ceremony performed on the full moon day of the Ashvayuja or Ashvina month, which falls typically in September or October. This ritual holds prominence within the grihya rite tradition, which encompasses various household rituals as outlined in the grihyasutras, one of the seven pakayajnas.

Preparation for the Ashvayuji Ritual involves the adornment of the household, followed by personal purification through bathing and donning clean or white garments. The householder then proceeds to offer cooked food to Pashupati, an epithet of Lord Shiva, and perform oblations of clarified butter to the Ashwins, the twin deities associated with dawn and healing in Hindu mythology.

The primary intention behind the Ashvayuji Ritual is to invoke prosperity and well-being for the household and its members. Alongside the offerings to deities, the rite may also involve the tying of amulets crafted from herbs onto the arms, a practice recommended to enhance the ritual's efficacy and provide protection and blessings to the participants.

Overall, the Ashvayuji Ritual serves as a spiritual endeavor aimed at fostering prosperity, harmony, and divine blessings within the household, underscoring the rich tapestry of religious traditions woven into Hindu culture.