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Arta In Bhagavad Gita – One Of The Four Kinds Of Worshipers

Arta is one of the four kinds of worshipers in the Bhagavad Gita. In Chapter 7, Verse 16, called Vijnana yoga (in the Bhagavad Gita), Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that four kinds of people seek His help and worship Him, viz., the distressed, the seeker of knowledge, the wealth-seeker and the wise (arta, jijnasu, artharthi and the jnani).

Bhagavan Sri Krishna says that He is the source of all creation and everything dissolves in Him. The things of the universe rest on Him like beads on a string. Without realizing this, people deluded by Nature, act as if He does not exist. They do not remember Him, but there arise occasions when they are forced to think of Him. Such occasions are when they fall sick, face danger in a jungle or are in great pain. These are the arta bhaktas or devotees who remember Him only when they are in trouble. Those who know the truth about Him worship and remember Him all the time.

Of the four classes, the jnani is the best. Unlike the others, he has no fears or desires. He loves Bhagavan because he knows nothing to gain for himself. Among such jnanis in the past were Suka, Prahlada, Narada and Bhishma.

It is considered that these devotees will proceed from one level to the next high level, knowing the ultimate Truth, having the constant remembrance of Bhagavan Sri Krishna.