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Story Sri Krishna And Flower Seller Of Mathura

The story of Sri Krishna and flower seller, Sudama, of Mathura happened when Sri Krishna and Balarama were visiting Mathura for the first time on the invitation of King Kamsa. Balarama and Sri Krishna walked like lions along the streets of Mathura and people of Mathura showered flowers upon them.

Sri Krishna was fond of flowers and so he visited Sudama, who sold garlands. He had heard the stories of Sri Krishna and was overjoyed to see Balarama and Sri Krishna approaching his shop. He got up and prostrated before the brothers. He seated them on pedestal and washed their feet and honored them with garlands.

He told Sri Krishna that by his visit his life has been blessed. Sudama made several different types of garlands and presented to the brothers.

Sri Krishna who was pleased by the devotion and offered to grant him a boon.

But the ardent devotee did not want anything else but constant devotion towards Sri Krishna. He told Krishna to make him compassionate to all living beings.

Sri Krishna was pleased with the humbleness and unparalleled devotion of Sudama and granted him supreme devotion and place in Vaikunta.