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Story Of Malyavan In Ramayana

In the epic Ramayana, Malyavan plays a significant role as the maternal grandfather of Ravana, the formidable demon king of Lanka. Malyavan, along with his brothers Mali and Sumali, received powerful boons from Brahma, which led them to establish the prosperous kingdom of Lanka. Malyavan, described as a wise and experienced counselor, served as a key advisor to Ravana.

One of the crucial moments in Malyavan's role occurs in the Yuddha Kanda Chapter 15 of Valmiki Ramayana, where he opposes Ravana's decision to go to war with Prince Rama. Malyavan attempts to convince Ravana to release Sita and avoid the impending conflict. Despite his earnest counsel, Ravana dismisses Malyavan's advice, leading to tragic consequences.

Malyavan, however, demonstrates deep insight into the divinity of Sri Rama. He acknowledges Rama as an incarnation of Vishnu and urges Ravana to seek peace with him (6.26.31-32). This recognition of Rama's divine nature is a pivotal moment that underscores Malyavan's wisdom and foresight.

Following Ravana's demise, Malyavan continues to hold a prominent position in the narrative. He becomes the chief counselor of Vibhishana, Ravana's younger brother who sided with Rama during the conflict. Malyavan's steadfast commitment to justice and wisdom is evident as he helps guide Vibhishana in the aftermath of the war.

In the Thai version of the Ramayana known as Ramakien, Malyavan is called Thao Mali Warat. In this rendition, he is depicted as the elder brother of Thao Latsadian, the grandfather of Ravana. Malyavan is renowned as a paragon of justice, and Ravana, hoping for a favorable judgment in the case of Sita's abduction, invites him to be the judge. However, Malyavan conducts a fair and impartial investigation, consulting all relevant witnesses. When he orders the return of Sita to Rama, Ravana disagrees and offends Malyavan. In response, Malyavan curses Ravana, predicting his eventual demise by the bow and arrow of Rama.

The mention of Patal Ravan as the nephew of Malyavan adds an interesting dimension, showcasing familial connections among the demon characters in the Ramayana. Overall, Malyavan's character stands as a symbol of wisdom, justice, and the consequences of resisting divine guidance.