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Story Of Goddess Kaila Devi In Rajasthan

Goddess Kaila Devi is a revered deity in the state of Rajasthan, India. Her temple, known as the Kaila Devi Temple, is situated in the village of Kaila in the Karauli district of Rajasthan. The story of Goddess Kaila Devi is steeped in mythology and local legends.

The goddess Kaila Devi is venerated as an embodiment of the primordial energy, Mahayogini Maya, who incarnated as the daughter of Nanda-Yashoda in Gokul. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Vasudev, the father of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, received instructions from Bhagavan Vishnu to leave baby Krishna with Yashoda and bring back the newborn daughter to the cell where he was imprisoned by Kansa along with his wife Devaki. When Kansa attempted to harm the infant girl, she revealed her divine form, warning him that Bhagavan Sri Krishna was already safe and at the opportune time he will put an end to his tyrant rule. She is now worshipped as Kaila Devi, as well as Vindhyavasini and Hinglaj Mata at other locations.

A comprehensive account of Kaila Devi Ji is provided in the Skanda Purana's 65th Adhyaya, where the goddess declared that in the Kalyug era, she would be known as Kaila and worshipped as Kaileshwari by her devotees.

The fascinating tale of the devi's idol reaching village of Kaila in the Karauli district unfolds in the Skanda Purana. The Goddess is believed to have arrived in the forests of Karauli around the 11th century CE.

According to folklore, Kaila Devi appeared to a local sage named Kedargiri, assuring him that she would manifest among the people of the region and bless and protect them. Legend has it that a yogi, escaping from Nagarkot, transported the murti on a bullock cart to protect it from invaders. The bullock halted in the central part of a hill amidst dense forest in the present-day Kaila Village and adamantly refused to move. By divine decree, the statue was enshrined at that very spot, where it stands to this day.