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Meera Bai Temple At Merta In Rajasthan – Story – History

The Meera Bai Temple, located in Merta, Rajasthan, is a sacred shrine dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu as Charbhuja Nath, the four-armed God. The history of the temple is steeped in divine occurrences and legends that have contributed to its significance.

According to the temple's lore, the deity appeared in a dream to Rao Dudoji, expressing the desire for a temple to be built on the very spot where it stands today. The idol of the deity is said to have emerged from the ground at this sacred location. Meera Bai, the renowned saint poet, and granddaughter of Rao Dudhoji, is believed to have merged with the deity at this temple, leading to its association with her name.

A fascinating tale involves a cobbler's cow, whose daily visits to the temple resulted in the miraculous exudation of milk from her udders for the deity. This extraordinary event led to the discovery of the idol and the subsequent construction of the temple. Even today, the first offering to the deity is of Jeenagar (Mochi) caste, honoring this historical connection.

The temple was originally constructed by Rao Dudhoji, with later contributions from Meera Bai and Jaimal. To the right and left of the main deity, statues of Shri Keshab Das and Shri Girdhar Gopal ji are installed. The front gate features statues of Meera Bai and Jaimal. Legend has it that the monolithic statue of Meera Bai was carved by a sculptor who vowed not to consume any food until its completion. The statue of Meera Bai and idol of Shri Charbhuja ji are placed in a position that their eyes are fixed on each other.

The temple houses a black murti of Sri Chaturbhuja Nath ji, along with the worship of other deities such as Surya Bhagwan, Bhairu Nath, Char Bhuja Senapati, Apsara, Dharm Raj, Ganesha, Hanuman, Vaishnava Devi, Jaimal, Beera Bai, Kamadhenu, Shiva Pariwar, among others. Worship follows the tenets of the Vaishnav sect, incorporating daily pooja that involves the veneration of the deity in various forms - childhood, adolescent, and old age.

The Meera Bai Temple hosts significant festivals and rituals, including non-stop kirtan (chanting of names) from the 6th to the 13th day in the bright half of the Shravan month. Special worship is held on Pavitra Ekadashi, accompanied by a procession from the deity's temple. Narasimha Chaturdashi, Janmashtami, Rama Navami, and other festivals contribute to the vibrant tapestry of celebrations at the temple.

Additionally, a small museum within the temple premises showcases the life events of Meera Bai through paintings and sculptures, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural significance associated with this revered saint poet.