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Kshemkari Mata Temple Story – Khimaj Mata In Bhinmal Rajasthan

Kshemkari Mata Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Mother Goddess Kshemkari, also known as Khimaj Mata. It is located atop a mountain on Bhinmal in Rajasthan.

Kshemkari Mata Story

At some point, there used to be a demon named Uttamouja in Bhinmal region. He would spread terror during the night, looting and killing travelers, as well as harming the local residents' livestock. He polluted the water by throwing dead animals into the reservoirs, uprooted trees and plants, causing fear among the people of the area. To seek liberation from this menace, the inhabitants of the region sought assistance from the Brahmins and approached the hermitage of Sage Gautama for help.

They pleaded with Sage Gautama to save them from the terror of the demon. Upon their request and prayers, Sage Gautama invoked the power of the Savitri mantra and lit a huge fire, and the goddess Kshemkari manifested from the fire. In response to Sage Gautama's prayers, the goddess, to deliver the people from the demon's terror, uprooted a mountain and placed it over the demon Uttamouja.

It is said that the demon had received a boon that he could not be killed by any weapon. Therefore, the goddess pressed him under the mountain, ensuring his confinement. However, the residents were not entirely satisfied. They feared that the demon might emerge from under the mountain, so they requested the goddess to sit on the mountain where the current temple of the goddess is built, and beneath it lies the suppressed demon.

Kshemkari Mata Miracle Story

It is believed that the ruler of Kashmir, facing a severe case of leprosy, sought a cure. During a pilgrimage, he arrived at Shrimal Patan in Bhinmal. While resting in the garden of Naga Baba located south of Shrimaal Patan, a dog, by chance, splashed mud from the garden's drainage onto the king's feet. To everyone's surprise, wherever the mud fell on the king's feet, the leprosy vanished.

Soon the king was bathed with the mud from the garden's drainage, and miraculously, he was cured of leprosy, and his body turned golden. At this time, the ruler Jag of Pratihar accepted the rule of Bhinmal. Since then, Kshemankari Mata became the deity of the Pratihar rulers. The ruler had a pond constructed and a vast and strong fort built in the city.