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Dhabbawali Mata Temple – Story – Shree Dhabawali Mataji Mandir Khasarvi, Rajasthan

The Dhabbawali Mata Temple (Shree Dhabawali Mataji Mandir), situated in Khasarvi, Rajasthan, holds a rich tapestry of stories and legends that have captivated the hearts of devotees over the years. Also referred to as Awad Mata, the temple is steeped in mystique and divine tales that echo the miraculous presence of the goddess.

One of the most renowned narratives surrounding Dhabawali Mata recounts the origin of her name. Years ago, a devout worshipper named Dhabbabhai immersed himself in the rituals and devotions within the temple. As the goddess bestowed miracles upon him, the devotee became synonymous with the divine, leading to the appellation of the goddess as Dhabbawali. This name has endured through time, becoming the reverent title by which, the deity is known and worshipped.

A fascinating legend adds another layer to the temple's mysticism. It is said that in the vicinity of Dhabbawali Mata's abode, thieves are rendered powerless in their attempts to escape with stolen goods. As if under the watchful gaze of the divine, thieves find themselves wandering aimlessly through the village throughout the night, unable to navigate an exit. The perplexed thief, left with no alternative, ultimately relinquishes the stolen items before finding a way out of the village. This mystical protection has become a testament to the sacredness and protective aura surrounding the temple.

The pinnacle of devotion and celebration occurs on Purnima, the full moon day, at the Dhabbawali Mata Temple. On this auspicious day, a vibrant fair and festival come alive, attracting thousands of devotees seeking the benevolence of the goddess. It is believed that the deity is particularly attuned to the wishes of her worshippers during this celestial occasion, further enhancing the significance of the Purnima celebration.

The main offering in the temple is coconut, sacred thread, red flowers, and red color saree or chuniri. A huge fire pit with coconuts burning continuously is found in the temple premises. The temple also has numerous shrines dedicated to various other deities from Hindu pantheon.

In essence, the Dhabbawali Mata Temple stands not only as a physical sanctuary but also as a repository of stories that intertwine the mystical, the divine, and the miraculous, weaving a tapestry of faith and devotion for those who seek solace and blessings within its sacred walls.