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Devnarayan Life History - God Of Gurjar community In Rajasthan

Shri Devnarayan, a revered figure in the folklore and mythology of the Gurjar community, is celebrated as a formidable warrior, a just ruler, and ultimately, a divine figure. His life is marked by numerous battles and conflicts fought against tyrants, showcasing his courage and commitment to justice.

As a ruler, Shri Devnarayan achieved remarkable accomplishments, contributing to the prosperity and well-being of his people. His reign was characterized by fairness, wisdom, and a dedication to the welfare of his subjects. His leadership qualities and military prowess gained him respect and admiration among his followers.

Over time, the extraordinary feats of Shri Devnarayan transcended the mortal realm, and he gradually became the object of deep veneration and worship among the Gurjar people. The tales of his valor and benevolence spread far and wide, capturing the collective imagination of the community.

The Gurjar people in Rajasthan and South Western Madhya Pradesh consider Shri Devnarayan as more than just a historical figure; they regard him as an avatar of Vishnu and their folk god. This divine transformation is attributed to the marvels and miracles associated with Shri Devnarayan, which alleviated the people's grief and difficulties.

As the presiding god of the Gurjars, Shri Devnarayan is believed to offer solace and protection to his devotees. The stories of his divine interventions, coupled with his historical legacy, create a profound spiritual connection between the Gurjar community and their revered deity.

Devnarayan Life History

Hariramji Gurjar of Mandalji, Baghji of Hariramji, had 24 sons who have been known as Bagdavat, as per Devnarayan's Phad. The 24 sons fought against the cruel rule of Rana and attained martyrdom.

Sadu Mata's Tapas: Sadu Mata performs severe tapas (penance) on a hill near the battlefield. Bhagavan (God) has promised to be born as her son.

Devnarayan's Birth: After eleven days, Devnarayan is born through a miraculous event, rising on a stream of water and falling into Sadu Mata's lap. Devnarayan, the miraculous boy, was born in Malaseri on Magh Shukla Saptami in Vikram Samvat 968 (AD 911) as the son of Raja Sawai Bhoj Gurjar and Sadu Gurjari (Sedhu) Khatana.

Escape to Malwa: Threatened by the Rana, Sadu Mata decides to flee to her natal home in Malwa. Devnarayan spends his childhood there, unaware of past events.

Chochu Bhat's Visit: After eleven years, Chochu Bhat, a bard and genealogist, comes to Malwa in search of Devnarayan. Sadu Mata tries to get him killed, but Devnarayan revives him.

Devnarayan's Decision: Informed of the battle between the Bagaravats and the Rana, Devnarayan decides to return and take revenge. 

Marriages and Reunion: Devnarayan marries three princesses and reunites with his four cousins. Cousins join forces to launch an assault against the Rana.

Final Encounter: Devnarayan releases a herd of animals to destroy the Rana's crops. The cousins catch up with the Rana, who is beheaded by Devnarayan's bow-string.

Mercy and City Establishment: Devnarayan revives the Rana after extracting revenge and instructs him to establish the city of Udaipur.

Departure to Heaven: Devnarayan, having accomplished revenge, decides to depart to Baikunth (heaven). A boy (Bila) and a girl (Bili) are born to Queen Pipalde, wife of Devnarayan.

Legacy and Return to Baikunth: Bila becomes Devnarayan's first priest, establishing a place of worship, lineage of priests, and a community of devotees. Devnarayan returns to Baikunth in his celestial chariot.

In essence, Shri Devnarayan's journey from a fierce warrior and accomplished ruler to becoming the God of Gurjars reflects the fusion of historical and mythological elements. His enduring presence in the hearts and minds of the Gurjar people serves as a source of inspiration, strength, and solace for generations, shaping their cultural and religious identity.