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Bhojan Mantra For Good Health In Hinduism

The Bhojan Mantra in Hinduism is a prayer dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, the divine goddess of food and nourishment. Annapurna is considered a form of Devi Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. The Bhojan Mantra is chanted before meals, seeking the blessings of Goddess Annapurna for the food that is about to be consumed. It is believed that the chanting of this mantra can bring good health, happiness, and prosperity to the devotee.

The Bhojan Mantra is a way of expressing gratitude to the divine for the sustenance provided through the food. It acknowledges the sacredness of the act of eating and the importance of nourishment for the body and soul. The mantra not only emphasizes the physical aspect of food but also the spiritual significance of consuming it with reverence and mindfulness.

Here is a common version of the Bhojan Mantra:

अन्नपूर्णे सदा पूर्णे शंकरप्राणवल्लभे
ज्ञानवैराग्यसिद्ध्यर्थं भिक्षां देहि पार्वति॥

Om Annapurne Sada Purne, Shankara Prana Vallabhe
Jnana Vairagya Siddhyartham, Bhiksham Dehi Cha Parvati


"O Annapurna, who is always full, beloved of Shankara, Grant me alms that I may be sustained in knowledge and detachment."

Chanting this mantra before meals is believed to invoke the blessings of Goddess Annapurna, ensuring that the food is not just a physical necessity but a source of spiritual nourishment as well. It is a beautiful practice that encourages mindfulness and gratitude for the abundance provided by the divine.