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Bharata And Shatrughna Going To Protect Vishwamitra’s Yajna in Bengali Ramayana

In the Bengali Ramayana by the medieval poet Krittibas Ojha, the narrative unfolds with King Dasharatha of Ayodhya responding to Sage Vishwamitra's request for assistance in protecting a yajna (a sacred ritual). However, Dasharatha, concerned for the safety of his beloved son Rama, decides to send Bharata and Shatrughna with the sage instead, hoping that Vishwamitra wouldn't notice the substitution.

As the trio, consisting of Bharata, Shatrughna, and Vishwamitra, embarks on their journey, they reach a crucial juncture where the sage reveals two paths to their destination. One is a shorter route, but it involves facing the formidable Demoness Tataka, while the other is a longer, presumably safer path. Bharata, perhaps motivated by caution or prudence, chooses the longer route, much to the dissatisfaction of Sage Vishwamitra, who becomes visibly agitated.

Bharata's decision to take the longer path triggers the sage's anger, and it becomes evident that this fury could potentially bring calamity to Ayodhya. In this tense moment, Bharata's brother, Sri Rama, intervenes and succeeds in calming down the irate Vishwamitra. The narrative emphasizes the significance of Rama's presence in pacifying the sage and averting potential disaster.

Later in the story, when Rama and Lakshmana are faced with the same choice between the shorter, more perilous route and the longer, safer path, Rama confidently opts for the former. This choice surprises Vishwamitra, who expresses concern. However, Rama assures the sage that he will eliminate Demoness Tataka with a single arrow, showcasing his exceptional skill and bravery.

This episode highlights the intricate relationships and dynamic interplay between the characters in the Bengali Ramayana, with each decision and action contributing to the unfolding narrative and the eventual triumph of virtue over adversity.