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Bhagavan Sri Rama Is The Personification Of Dharma

Rama is the personification of dharma. He is virtuous. Truth is his valor. He is the king of the worlds. (Maricha to Ravana Sarga 35 of Aranya Kanda of Ramayana).

The excerpt is a reference to Bhagavan Sri Rama, a central figure in the ancient Hindu epic, the Ramayana. This particular passage emphasizes Rama's character and virtues, portraying him as the personification of dharma, which refers to righteousness or duty in Hindu philosophy.

Personification of Dharma: Rama is depicted as embodying dharma, which encompasses moral and ethical principles that guide individuals towards righteous conduct. This implies that Rama's actions and decisions align with the ideals of righteousness, making him a role model for adhering to moral values.

Virtuous Character: The description underscores Rama's virtuous nature. His character is portrayed as being filled with moral integrity, compassion, and a sense of justice. These virtues are essential aspects of his personality and contribute to his status as a revered and exemplary figure.

Truth as Valor: The passage emphasizes that truth is Rama's valor. This highlights the importance of truthfulness as a fundamental quality in Rama's character. His commitment to truth becomes a source of strength and courage, showcasing his unwavering adherence to honesty even in challenging situations.

King of the Worlds: Rama is acknowledged as the king of the worlds, indicating his sovereignty over not just a specific kingdom but multiple realms. This conveys the universal significance of Rama's kingship and suggests his role in maintaining order and righteousness on a broader cosmic scale.

Reference to Maricha and Ravana: The excerpt is from Sarga 35 of the Aranya Kanda, where Maricha, a demon, is narrating the events to Ravana, the antagonist of the Ramayana. Maricha's description of Rama serves to highlight Rama's virtuous qualities even in the eyes of those who oppose him.

In summary, this passage celebrates Rama's divine qualities, portraying him as the epitome of righteousness, virtue, and truth. It captures the essence of Rama's character as a noble and just ruler who upholds dharma in his actions and decisions.