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Ayushya Suktam - Bestows Long Life

Ayushya Suktam, also known as the Ghritasukta, is a collection of Vedic mantras prescribed in Hindu religious traditions to invoke blessings for a long and healthy life. This sukta is found in the Bodhayana Grihyasutras (3.7), providing a ritualistic framework for performing a havana or homa (fire ceremony) aimed at increasing the span of one's life.

The term "Ayushya" itself translates to "long life" or "life-span," indicating the primary focus of these mantras. The rituals involve the offering of ghee (clarified butter) as oblation along with the recitation of specific Vedic mantras. The association with ghee has led to the alternative name "Ghritasukta."

The Ayushya Sukta comprises nine mantras, each designed to invoke divine blessings and seek the favor of higher powers for the extension of life. The exact origin of these mantras remains uncertain, as the source has not been definitively traced. However, it is acknowledged that the mantras are of Vedic origin, reflecting the ancient spiritual and ritualistic practices embedded in Hindu culture.

During the performance of the havana or homa, practitioners recite these mantras while offering ghee into the sacred fire, expressing their aspirations for a long and prosperous life. The concluding word "svaha" is uttered at the end of each mantra, signifying the offering and surrender of the oblation to the divine forces.

The Ayushya Sukta, like many other Vedic rituals, serves as a means for individuals to connect with the spiritual realm, seeking blessings for health, longevity, and overall well-being. It reflects the intricate tapestry of Hindu religious practices, blending the sacred wisdom of the Vedas with the tangible act of performing rituals to invoke divine favor.

Nine Mantras Of Ayushya Suktam

May the Supreme Brahman, who, in the form of Shiva, the wearer of elephant skin and the wielder of the bow Pinaka, who nipped off a head of Brahma (the creator), who is also known as Ishana (the ruler), give us long life! To him we offer this oblation of ghee!

May the brilliantly shining Sun, with hot rays, who rose from the middle of the ocean, may he destroy our terrible bonds of death and accept our offering of ghee to increase the duration of our life.

Brahman the Light, deposited the watery embryo in the womb of the five elements. It is brilliantly shining. It is adorable. May we make it grow by offering oblations of ghee, so that the duration of our life increases.

Lakshmi the goddess of wealth, is full of vitality. She is the Mother Earth. She is also called Shashthi and Indrasena. She, the best deity, as knowledge, reminds us of Brahman. Let us satiate her, in this yajna or sacrifice by offering oblations of ghee.

May these multitudes of goddesses, who are the daughters of Daksha- Prajapati, who are sisters, who are responsible for the entire creation, who, with their special forms, are pervading the world, along with their husbands and offsprings, may they accept our oblations of ghee and increase our life-span.

There are hosts of ancient divine beings. They are capable of cutting away the lives of living beings. May they destroy our powerful enemies! We offer many oblations of ghee to them so that they do not harm or destroy our offspring as also our heroes.

He who was the sole cause of creating the world in the beginning, he from whom the protector (Indra) of this world emerged, he to whom this world will return at the time of dissolution, may he accept our offerings of ghee to increase our life-span.

To increase our longevity and feel eternally happy let us offer oblations of ghee to the following deities: Vasus (8), Rudras (11), Adityas (12), Maruts (21), Sadhyas, Ribhus, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Pitrs, Vishvedevas (10), Bhrigus, Sarpas (Serpents) and Angirasas.

O Vishnu, who is our ultimate abode, who forgives all our misdeeds, please give us happiness! Your votaries offer to you a series of sweet oblations without any break and happily.