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Apadeva – 17th Century Scholar Writer Of Purva Mimamsa

Apadeva is a renowned scholar of Purva Mimamsa. He belongs to the 17th century CE. His father Ananta Deva, happened to be his Guru as well. Apadeva’s son also was named Ananta Deva, who, too, is a noted scholar and the author of the work, Smriti Kaustubha.

Apadeva’s Mimamsa Nyaya Prakasha eminently fulfilled the long felt need for a compact Prakarana Grantha in Mimamsa, as it not only presented the central tenets of Purva Mimamsa with brevity and clarity, but also provided a scholarly analysis of the controversial themes. Mimamsa Nyaya Prakasa illuminates through logic and reasoning, the various Nyayas in a style that is simple and easy to understand. The work is comprehensive in its coverage and deals with topics such as arthi bhavana, sabdi bhavana, the five fold character of the Veda, the different types of injunctions and prohibitions, the various pramanas such as shruti, linga etc., their relative strengths and the intricate features of negation, and so on.

Finally, in a style reminiscent of Kalidasa, Apadeva concludes the work on a note of humility, stating that the work is a product of the grace of Bhagavan Govinda and his guru.