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Story Of Divine Gem On The Forehead Of Ashwathama

Drona's son, Ashwathama, was born with a divine gem (mani) known as "syron-rathna" embedded in his forehead. This mystical gem bestowed upon him a wide range of influences, rendering him immune to various perils. The protective aura of the gem shielded Ashwathama from nightmares, snake bites, animal attacks, ghostly encounters, and untimely death.

Recognizing the exceptional qualities of this gem, Drona sought the guidance of a great sage to understand its significance. The sage explained the profound powers of the syron-rathna, filling Drona with immense joy at the realization of the gem's positive impact on his son's life.

As per some narrative, the mani or divine gem was a blessing from Shiva who had blessed Drona with a divine child after he was childless for several years after his marriage to Kripi.

However, fate took a turn when Bhagavan Sri Krishna, cognizant of Ashwathama's heinous actions and his alignment with the malevolent Duryodhana, intervened. Sri Krishna, in an act of divine justice, extracted the syron-rathna from Ashwathama's forehead and pronounced a curse upon him. The curse dictated that Ashwathama would be denied the release of death, condemned to roam endlessly in search of sustenance, perpetually deprived of peace.

This curse was a consequence of Ashwathama's brutal act of slaying the Pandavas' five sleeping sons and deploying the powerful Brahmastra on Abhimanyu's unborn child in Uttara's womb. The gravity of these atrocities compelled Sri Krishna to pronounce a punishment that would ensure justice.

As per some narrative, both Arjuna and Ashwathama used the Brahmastra against each other. Arjuna knew how to withdraw the Brahmastra but Ashwathama did not have this knowledge. So Bhagavan Sri Krishna agreed to protect the world from destruction but in return demanded the divine gem.

Remarkably, the syron-rathna not only granted immortality but also played a pivotal role in the rebirth of Parikshit, the son of Abhimanyu and grandson of Arjuna. Bhagavan Sri Krishna, utilizing the gem's extraordinary powers, orchestrated the rebirth of Parikshit on the concluding day of the epic war.

Before relinquishing the syron-rathna to the Pandavas, Ashwathama elucidated its extraordinary attributes. The gem, when worn, provided unparalleled protection against weapons, diseases, hunger, lack of security, divine beings, demons, serpents, rakshasas, and thieves. Its potency was such that Ashwathama regarded it as an invincible source of energy, a treasure he hesitated to part with.