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Spiritual Values for Excellence

Every thinking individual has a desire for perfection. This spontaneous human desire for excellence is behind every success or achievement story. No good musician is satisfied with his or her performance. Every artist knows that what is expressed on the canvas is only a finite part of the infinite beauty that one experiences within. Every manager needs to nurture this quest for excellence to improve both individual and corporate performance in every walk of life.

It is no doubt good to strive for excellence in external work, but it is infinitely better to seek perfection and excellence within, for this will enable one to excel in any field. Corporate managers also need to remember that spiritual values far outweigh material values in importance. Material affluence may provide luxury and physical well-being, but one may still be wanting in the cultural, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of life. In fact, without a well-balanced and integrated development of personality, success and affluence alone do not ensure individual peace and happiness.

Every thoughtful person is forced to address the following question at some point in his or her life: ‘What is the meaning and purpose of my life?’ Business persons are bound to ask, ‘How will my commercial, industrial, and business achievements enable me to become fulfilled and complete?’ Again, a person is bound to interact with his or her fellow beings and co-workers, especially in times of need and difficulty. Without having nurtured love, unselfishness, and altruism, one cannot hope to gain from such interaction.