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Kama Trayodashi 2024 Date

Kama Trayodash is a festival to worship and please Kamdev, the Hindu God of love. It is to be practiced commencing on the thirteenth day in the bright fortnight of the month of Margasira (December – January) and done for one year. Kama Trayodashi 2024 date is December 13. The very name of the festival is a combination of two words ‘Ananga’, which means the God of love (Kama), the Manmata, also known as the body-less one, and trayodasi which means the thirteenth day.

Kama Trayodashi is performed by drawing a picture of Manmata on a piece of cloth and worshipping under twelve different names. The God of love was burnt by Mahadeva Shiva when the former attempted to disturb the penance of Shiva at the instance of the gods, desiring to induce Shiva to marry Parvati and produce a child for the destruction of the demon Taraka oppressing the gods and men. Hence the God of love is ananga (body-less).

On this day, at first Shambhu (Shiva) is to be worshipped and anointed with the panchamrita (five sweet items) – milk, sugar, ghee, curd and honey. Every month Ananga (identified with Shambhu) is to be worshipped under a different name such as Samara in the month of Magha etc., with different kinds of flowers and other offerings. As in the other austerities, this also is believed to confer prosperity.

This festival is more popular in the North India.