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History And Story Of Sirsi Marikamba Temple

Shri Marikamba's history extends back approximately 400 years to the year 1611 CE during the Shalivahana era. On a Tuesday on the 8th day of Vaishakh month, the goddess was consecrated by King Immadi Sadashiva Rao of Sonda, following instructions from the Swami of Nandikeshwara Math.

Story Of Sirsi Marikamba Temple

According to a dream revealed to a devotee, the goddess directed them to locate her insignia in a tank on the outskirts of the town and emphasized the benefits of installing and worshiping it for the region's well-being. Since then, the original murti has been venerated.

The colossal murti (idol) of Marikamba was recovered from a tank on the road to Hanagal. This temple stands as the largest dedicated to Marikamba in the state of Karnataka.

Locally known as Renuka (Yellamma), the deity is also referred to as "Doddamma," the elder sister overseeing other Mariammas in different towns and villages. These installations are believed to have the power to control evil spirits and epidemics.

The goddess's idol, towering at approximately 7 feet, commands the sanctum sanctorum. She is depicted with eight hands holding various weapons, seated atop a lion.