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Garland Of Severed Human Heads Worn by Goddess Kali – Symbolism And Meaning

In Hindu religion, Goddess Kali is a powerful and fierce deity often associated with destruction, time, and change. She is one of the forms of the Divine Mother, also known as Shakti. Kali is depicted with a dark complexion, wild hair, a garland of human heads, and a skirt made of human arms.

The garland of human heads worn by Goddess Kali is a symbolic representation of her role as the destroyer of ignorance and ego. Each head in the garland is said to represent a specific aspect of human ignorance and negativity. By wearing these heads, Kali signifies her triumph over these negative qualities and her ability to liberate devotees from the cycle of birth and death.

The severed heads also symbolize the ego and the various manifestations of human delusions. Kali, in her fierce form, is believed to help individuals overcome their ego-driven desires and attachments. The garland is a powerful visual metaphor for the conquest of the limited self, encouraging devotees to transcend their ego and recognize the divine truth within themselves.

It's important to note that Hindu symbolism is often rich and multifaceted, and interpretations can vary. The imagery associated with Goddess Kali is meant to convey deeper spiritual truths and lessons rather than being taken literally.