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Ardhanari Tandava Of Shiva

Ardhanari Tandava is one among the numerous forms of Tandava dances performed by Mahadeva Shiva. In Ardhanari Tandava, lasya (graceful movements) of Shiva are combined to symbolize the unification of divinity and nature, purusha and prakriti, idealizing male/female equality.

Ardhanari Tandava celebrates the merger of Goddess Parvati with Shiva to form ardhanari (half man and half woman), a complete and absolute being. Shiva in the form of ardhanari is said to have produced an offspring from this thigh, thereby demonstrating his power of creation.

The concept of ardhanari is vividly portrayed in ardhanarisvara nritya performed in the Kuchipudi style of dance in Andhra Pradesh. A think veil stuck in the middle of the face acts as a unique device differentiating Goddess Parvati on the left and Shiva on the right. This is a solo performance, which includes roles acted during the day (Pagativeshla).