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Who Is The Hindu God Of Beauty?

In Hinduism, the god of beauty is often considered to be Lord Vishnu, one of the principal deities in the Hindu pantheon. Lord Vishnu is believed to possess great beauty and is often described as having a charming and attractive appearance. He is associated with qualities like grace, compassion, and benevolence, which are considered beautiful attributes. Additionally, Lord Vishnu is frequently depicted in various forms and avatars, and some of these forms are considered particularly beautiful.

Another Hindu deity associated with beauty is Lord Krishna, who is considered an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna is often portrayed as a handsome and charismatic figure known for his captivating personality and enchanting flute-playing. His youthful form as a cowherd is especially celebrated for its beauty, and he is a symbol of divine allure and charm.

While Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna are among the deities associated with beauty, it's important to note that Hinduism has a rich and diverse pantheon, and there are many other gods and goddesses, each with their own unique attributes and symbolism. Beauty and aesthetics play significant roles in Hindu religious and artistic traditions.