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When You Feel Emptiness Within

Nowadays, most people live a very hectic life. Their lifestyle, priorities, need for luxury and enjoyment, and often, lack of values, leave no room for the concept of ashramas. Some strive for great wealth, name, and fame. The majority, perhaps, are just trying to earn their bread, trying to live the best possible life.

When those who have striven for wealth, name, and fame, and those who have lived a life of relative comfort, retire from active life, they — some of them at least — feel an emptiness. Their worldly
achievements no longer seem attractive. They feel a strong craving for peace and true joy. Most of these people have enjoyed enough worldly life, social life, and public life; they have fulfilled their duties towards family and society. However, they feel an emptiness within.

How do they address this emptiness? Those having spiritual aspiration from their youth may try
to get involved in activities with their chosen organization, where their spiritual quest can flourish. When such activities are performed without attachment, the aspirant will gain true joy and fulfilment.

Some try to use their knowledge and experience in activities benefiting society at large, without seeking personal gain. Such selfless work will give them inner joy and fulfilment. Those who are well-to-do, having adequate finances and shelter and good health, have the freedom to live their life in their own way, and may try to find joy and peace by engaging themselves in activities of their choice, like travelling, socializing with their friends, or spending occasional quality time in solitude. Such people will also find inner joy and fulfilment. Yet others will choose to spend lots of time in reading, writing, researching, creating new things, painting, music, dancing, and other art-related activities, and find joy and fulfilment in those things.