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Symbolism Of Shiva Sitting On Tiger Skin

A very famous painting or picture of Shiva is that him sitting in padmasana posture on a tiger skin with the head of the tiger intact. There is deep symbolism attached to Shiva sitting on tiger skin. The tiger skin represents passion, ego, wildness, sexual energy, lust, anger, ignorance, and violence. Shiva sitting on it and meditating means he has weaned out all that is producing ignorance which keeps out a man from attaining self realization.

Two main reasons stopping a living being attaining self realization are ego and lust. When ego and sexual energy are controlled and channeled properly a living being can become divine.

Tiger is also associated with conquering and attacking and overpowering. By sitting on tiger skin Shiva is sending out the symbolic message that there is nothing here to conquer. The conqueror and the conquered are all part of the Supreme Truth. They both do not have any independent existence. Everything is Shiva.

Some Other Popular Symbolism Associated With Tiger Skin

Symbol of Fearlessness: Tigers are considered one of the most powerful and fearsome animals in the animal kingdom. By wearing a tiger skin, Lord Shiva symbolizes his fearlessness and absolute control over fear and death.

Asceticism: Shiva is often associated with asceticism and renunciation. The tiger skin is a reminder of his austere and simple way of life. It serves as a contrast to the opulence and luxury often associated with worldly life.

Connection to Nature: Shiva is regarded as a deity closely connected to nature. The tiger skin represents his harmony with the animal kingdom and the natural world. It signifies his oneness with the environment.

Triumph over Ego: The tiger skin also signifies the triumph of spiritual knowledge and self-realization over the ego and ignorance, as the tiger is considered a symbol of arrogance and pride.