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Six Paths Leading To Mother Goddess In Shaktism

According to Shaktism, there are six paths of spiritual discipline that lead to the Divine Mother Goddess. They are:

  1. Letters of the alphabet – varnadhva
  2. Words made up of these letters - padadhva
  3. Mantras comprising of words – mantradhva
  4. Aspects such as knowledge peace etc – kaladhva
  5. Thirty-six categories of Shaktism – tattvadhva
  6. Various worlds – bhuvanadhva

The six paths are together known as Shadadhva.

Instead of following the six paths a devotee can worship Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Surya, Ganapati and Indusambhava (a Jain deity) to attain the same goal.

The 991st name of Goddess Lalita in the Lalitasaharanama is Shadadhvatita Roopini – the one beyond the six paths.