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Nagoji Bhatta – Short Biography

Nagoji Bhatta (also called Nagesha Bhatta) lived in the early part of the 18th century. Nagoji Bhatta was the son of Shiva Bhatta and Sati, with the renowned Bhattoji Dikshita, the author of the Siddhanta Kaumudi, as his grandfather. Belonging to the Brahmana community in Maharashtra, Nagoji Bhatta resided primarily in Shringaverapura near Allahabad, where he served as a protege to Rama of the Bisena family.

Nagoji Bhatta's intellectual prowess was extensive, evident in his numerous writings that covered diverse subjects such as grammar, poetics, and dharmashastras. His works showcased both quantity and quality, reflecting his erudition. Among his notable contributions are several treatises ending with the term 'indushekhara,' including Acarendushekhara, Tirthendu-Sekhara, Prayaschitta Indusekhara, and others, focusing on dharmashastra topics. Additionally, he authored commentaries on various works related to poetics, such as Kuvalayananda and Rasagangadhara, along with Paribhashendushekhara, a work on grammar.

Nagoji Bhatta's legacy endures through his significant contributions to Sanskrit literature, particularly in the fields of grammar, poetics, and dharmashastra. His meticulous works continue to be studied and appreciated for their depth and scholarly insights.