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Mimamsa Prefers Veda To God

The highest point of veneration for Mimamsakas is Veda, i.e. the mantras compiled in the Samhitas to be used in yajna (fire sacrifice). They give more importance of the mantra and yajna than the deities that are invoked through the mantras in the yajna. Veda, being apaureshya (uncreated), is eternal and not the creation of God.

Mimamsakas think that the world takes shape automatically in accordance with the apurvas (consequences of past deeds of jivas), and there is no need of God for its creation. They do not believe in shristi and pralaya (dissplution). They argue that if God were the creator of the world then the theory of karma would become meaningless.

The early Mimamsakas did not refute the existence of God. Instead, Kumarila Bhatta suggested, in the chapter on Atmavada in his work Sholkavartika, the study of Vedanta to know about atma (self) or Brahman. Some later followers of Mimamsa School like Vedanta Desika, Apodeva and Laugakshi Bhaskara openly accepted the existence of God.