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Mercury And Shiva – Shiva Dhatu

In Hinduism, Mercury is referred to as Shiva dhatu, literally translating to Shiva's metal. In essence, it symbolizes Shiva's life force. Ancient texts, scriptures, and scholars have drawn parallels between a Shivling made of mercury and the divine essence of Hindu God Shiva. Crafting a Shivling with a blend of mercury is believed to enhance its effectiveness.

According to the Shiva Purana, the blessings received by offering prayers to millions of different Shivlings can be multiplied manifold when directed towards a mercury Shivling. A mere touch of the mercury Shivling is believed to pave the way to salvation.

The Rasaratna Samuchchaya goes further to assert that the worship of a mercury Shivling surpasses the efficacy of worshiping millions of lingas, including the revered one at Kashi and other sacred sites. Devotion to the mercury Shivling is said to promote a life of health, wealth, and even immortality.