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Is Apple Offered To Hindu Gods And Used in Pujas

In Hinduism, the apple does not hold the same level of religious or symbolic significance as it does in some other cultures or religions. Hinduism is a diverse and ancient religion with a wide range of beliefs, practices, and traditions, and it does not have specific religious texts or rituals that highlight the apple.

Apple is today offered to Hindu gods and goddesses and is used in pujas as an offering. But there is no mention of apple in Hindu scriptures.

However, certain fruits and their symbolism may be associated with Hindu rituals or stories. For example, fruits like bananas, coconuts, and mangoes are often used in Hindu rituals and offerings. These fruits may be included in ceremonies and festivals, but apples are not typically singled out in a Hindu religious context.

It's important to note that Hinduism is not a monolithic religion, and practices and beliefs can vary widely among different sects, communities, and individuals. While certain fruits and foods may play a role in Hindu rituals, the apple itself is not a central or prominent symbol in Hindu religious traditions.