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Ekacakranagara – Place Where Bhima Killed Bakasura In Mahabharata

Ekacakranagara is a place in the Mahabharata where the Pandava princes along with their mother Kunti lived for some time, after escaping from the burning house made of lac. Bakasura was killed at Ekacakranagara.

Bakasura was a fierce demon who terrorized the village Ekacakranagara, demanding daily sacrifices. Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, learns through her hosts, it was their turn to send a member of their family. In a bid to protect the villagers and eliminate the demon, she decides to send Bhima as the daily offering.

Bhima, known for his immense strength and courage, confronts Bakasura. A fierce battle ensues between the two, and ultimately, Bhima emerges victorious, slaying the demon and freeing the village from the constant threat.

This episode showcases Bhima's heroism and willingness to protect the innocent. It is one of the many stories within the Mahabharata that highlights the valor and virtues of the Pandavas, the central characters of the epic.