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Charvaka – Criticism Of God

Charvaka thinkers have no doubt been crude materialists and opponents of theism, spiritualism and all religions. Their arguments against God are as follows:

The only means of valid knowledge, according to Charvakas, is the perception by sense organs or the mind. As God is not perceptible through them, therefore, they say, God is non-existent.

It is unnecessary to imagine a creator of a world which is but a congregation of different types of matter particles. These matter particles have their own nature due to which they get united to form bigger objects or huge things when they come in contact accidentally. No efficient cause is needed to organize them like potter making pots from clay. Therefore, no creator God has any role to play in the construction of the world which is a purely accidental formation.

The world has not come into existence for any purpose. Its present form is the result of a coincidence of all matter coming in this form by natural chance. It has happened accidentally and there is no proof of any conscious aim or goal behind it. Therefore, to imagine a God as the creator who has a purpose is uncalled for and even foolish.