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Brahmanasarvasva Of Halayudha

Halayudha was a 12th-century Bengali scholar who wrote a number of important works on Sanskrit literature and Vedic ritual. His most famous work is the Brahmanasarvasva, a comprehensive commentary on the mantras used by Brahmins in their daily lives and in the performance of the samskaras (sacraments). The Brahmanasarvasva is a dharmashastra work, which means that it deals with the religious and social duties of Brahmins.

Halayudha was a minister to Lakshmanasena, the last king of the Sena dynasty of Bengal. He was a patron of learning and a skilled scholar himself. He was also a devout Hindu who was deeply knowledgeable in Vedic ritual. The Brahmanasarvasva is a testament to his scholarship and piety.

The Brahmanasarvasva is an important work for understanding the religious and social practices of Brahmins in medieval Bengal. It is also a valuable source of information on Vedic ritual. The work is still studied by scholars today.

Here are some additional details about Halayudha and the Brahmanasarvasva:

  • Halayudha was also the author of a number of other works, including the Mimamsasarasva, the Vaishnavasarasva, the Saivasarasva, and the Panditasarasva.
  • The Brahmanasarvasva is a massive work, running to over 1,000 pages.
  • The Brahmanasarvasva is written in a clear and concise style, making it accessible to scholars of all levels.
  • The Brahmanasarvasva is a valuable resource for understanding the development of Vedic ritual in Bengal.