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Anugraha Murti Of Shiva – Blessing Devotee Vigraha

Anugraha Murti of Shiva is a rare vigraha (bimbam or idol) form in which he blesses his devotee. He is depicted as showing benediction to his devotees. There are six different types of anugrahamurti (s)(idols).

Showing anugraha or benediction to –

  1. Chandesha (one of the attendants of Shiva),
  2. Nandishwara (Mount of Shiva),
  3. Vishnu
  4. Vighneshwara or Ganesha
  5. Arjuna of Mahabharata
  6. Ravana (the demon king in Ramayana).

One hand of the Anugraha Murti of Shiva is usually kept on the head of the supplicant while one of the other hands exhibits abhayamudra (protection-giving pose) or varadamudra (boon-giving pose).