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A Symbolism Of Hindu God Shiva – Coexistence Of Opposites

True enlightened living is by accepting the opposites and when there is no hatred and intolerance. This idea of enlightened living was given to human beings by Bhagavan Shiva. There are several symbolisms in Hindu God Shiva that is asking us to celebrate the coexistence of opposites in the universe.

We see the holy Ganga on his head and a snake around his neck. Mother Ganga is the source of life and hope while the serpent is the symbol of fear and death. Similarly, the mouse and the peacock — the vahanas (mounts) of Ganesha and Kartika (the children of Shiva) are arch enemies. So are the bull (Nandi) and the lion, the vahanas of Shiva and Parvati. But they all coexist peacefully. It is very well known about devotees that there is amrita (nectar) on Shiva’s tongue but visha (poison) colors his throat blue. So one among the numerous symbolism of Bhagavan Shiva illustrates the very important truth about life — the coexistence of opposites.

Happiness and contentment can happen only when we can respect the freedom of another person.

Trying to mould everything into one particular shape will make the world ugly and unlivable. Sadly, this is what arahamic or monolithic religions are teaching.