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What Is The Meaning Of Defecating In A Dream?

Dreaming of defecating is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream of needing to defecating means in near future you will have tension or stressful situations. It is also a sign of developing certain bad habits suddenly and that will result in health issues. Dreams of defecating and you wake up terrified means you will hear bad news. It also means forced to do something shameful.

Dream of defecating and you are searching for a place means you will face unexpected problems during travels. It also means facing problems in an unknown place especially related to relieving yourself.

Dreaming of defecating and you are crying or getting disturbed means physical attack or you getting stuck in a bad place. It also means old memories haunting you. It also means health issues related to anus.

Dreams of defecating and you are happy in the dream means partying or fun and other similar activities. It also means you will get freedom from something that was bothering you. It also means throwing away something that was giving you a tough time.

Dreaming of defecating and you see poop means embarrassment or unknowingly doing something weird.