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Vishakam Nakshatra Phalam 2024 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Vishakam Nakshatra 2024 predictions are based on Malayalam Nakshatram or birth star Kerala astrology. As per Vishakam nakshatram phalam 2024, will make gains in business especially through export and trade. Those looking to settle abroad will get positive news. Good months are January, June, August and December 2024.  February, March, September and October 2024 are bad months. April, May, July and November 2024 will be a stagnant period with no progress. You will make changes to house as per Vastu. You will need to show lot of patience and given and take approach at workplace and also in family matters. You will see death of friend or family member and it will give you a serious shock. Give money even to relatives only after proper documentation. You will stay away from home for a long period. You will make better than expected profit from property sale.

An ideal year to make career changes. Those having career related to music, writing, sports and arts will perform well. Those looking for new job will face disturbing situations and bad luck due to influential interference. Promotion related matters will not be settled this year. A desired transfer will take place. A delayed government job will be realized this year. Business people will make progress this year. Some of you will decide to take business that you had given to young members of the family. You will be able to excel in your field. Lack of interest from colleagues will dampen your spirit.

It will be a stagnant year in financial matters. An expected amount of money will not materialize this year. Money lent will not be returned on time. You will make more losses than gains in stocks and similar investments. Not a good year if you are looking make gains through lottery and games. Unwanted spending of family members will give you headaches. You will be forced to give explanation regarding financial matters that happened a couple of years ago. Avoid greediness and do not take official money for private matters. Loans will be delayed. Opportunity to buy new house or vehicle on loan. You will get costly gifts. Lost valuables or documents will be recovered.

Romance related matters will give you heartburn. Your love interest might cause some serious problems in your life. Problems due to opposite sex will cause embarrassment, shame and involvement of authorities. Lust and unwanted desires will result in loss of reputation. Sudden death of a person will make you to change your plans. You will miss a golden opportunity to meet a famous personality. Spouse might will be suspicious about your activities.

Marriage will be held this year but the choice will be of family. You will be initially unhappy with marriage decisions. Those looking to remarry will be forced to make compromises. Those couples facing problems in married life will decide to go separate ways.

Health problems related to limbs or heart will keep you down. There will be continuous fever or other similar nagging health issues. Health of a family member will improve and this will come as a great relief.

Travels will be hectic and not successful. Pilgrimage will be planned but will have to be dropped at the last moment due to an emergency. Those looking to travel abroad especially for job or other similar activities need to extremely careful.

Students will face failures and lack of progress. Higher studies matters will be delayed or admission will not happen in a desired subject.