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Vinay Patrika Of Tulsidas

Tulsidas’s Vinay Patrika is as relevant to our spiritual life as is his Ramcharitmanas. Its 279 poems reveal Rama as the absolute Reality. Vinay Patrika teaches us to avoid sectarian animosity (Tulsidas hails Ganesha, Shiva, Parvati) and honour holy rivers like the Ganga. We get a full view of the holiness of Benares through legends and enjoy the full-throated prayers to Hanuman.

Throughout the poems Tulsidas’s faith in Rama’s grace is firm. Of course earthly life is full of sorrows and man’s condition is pitiable:

O Lord, day and night I have to dance.
From the moment I got the epithet of jiva,
I have no rest.
Desires are the clothings,
And greed etc. are the ornaments;
Putting them on, the dance continues.

But then Rama always loves His servant and so grace will not be denied to the devotee: Ahalya, Guha, Sugriva, Jambavan, Vibhishana, Shabari, Jatayu — the list is endless! Tulsidas also teaches us that external rituals are not all. One’s worship consists not in the mere pouring of ghee into fire: ‘Let forgiveness be the fire; let love be the ghee.’ Worship of Rama does gift us miraculous powers. What are they? The chasing away of sins, a mind brought under control, the destruction of lust, an increase in happiness, prosperity, satisfaction and knowledge. Are not these greater miracles?

Essentially, Vinay Patrika is an address to Rama to free Tulsidas from the sorrows of this Kali yuga.