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Sutradhyaksha In Hinduism – Superintendent Of Yarns

In Chapter II of Kautilya’s Arthashastra, the duties of 29 adhyakshas appointed by the king as the heads of various departments of the state are enumerated. Sutradhyaksha is the superintendent of yarns in ancient Hinduism.

Sutradhyaksha has men working under him, who are experts in trading with yarns, armors, cloth and ropers. He fixes separate wages for the workers ascertaining the fineness, coarseness or medium quantity of the yarn. As for workers making armors, an agreement is made regarding the amount of work, time and wages. He maintains a close contact with armor-makers and rope-makers.

Sutradhyaksha played an important role during the time of war. It was also important that he delivered things that were suitable for procession and other important occasions.