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Pallikonda Perumal Temple – Story – Malayadipatti Pallikonda Krishna Temple

Pallikonda Perumal Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu and is located at Malayadipatti in Kulathur taluk of Pudukkottai district in Tamil Nadu, India. This is a rock cut temple.

Pallikonda Krishna Temple Story

Sri Mahalakshmi and Goddess Saraswathi once engaged in a debate to determine their supremacy. Seeking resolution, they sought the counsel of Lord Brahma. Brahma proclaimed that Goddess Lakshmi held the higher position. This declaration left Goddess Saraswathi incensed, prompting her to leave Brahma's presence. She embarked on a journey to the Shesha hills on Earth, where she undertook a rigorous penance in her quest for supremacy.

Meanwhile, Lord Brahma organized a grand Yajna dedicated to Bhagvan Vishnu. According to tradition, such rituals are performed with one's spouse by one's side. Brahma extended an invitation to Goddess Saraswathi to participate in the Yajna, but she declined. In response, Brahma, in a moment of divine ingenuity, created a woman endowed with the qualities of Maha Saraswathi and named her Savitri. He married Savitri and proceeded with the Yajna, a decision that further fueled Goddess Saraswathi's anger.

In her determination to disrupt the Yajna, Saraswathi transformed herself into a raging river known as Ksheera Nadhi, causing a furious flood. Brahma sought refuge in Lord Perumal (Bhagavan Vishnu), who, in a moment of divine intervention, placed Adisesha across the river, thus halting the deluge. Bhagavan Perumal engaged Goddess Saraswathi in conversation, helping her realize that Savitri was not distinct from herself. This revelation led to the reunion of Brahma and Goddess Saraswati.

As a symbol of the significance of this place and the divine incident that transpired there, Bhagavan Vishnu assumed a reclining form – sleeping on Adi Shesha, earning him the name "Pallikondan" (meaning the one who takes a reclining form). He is also known as Uthara Ranganathar.