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Meera Bai Jayanti – Birth Anniversary of Mirabai In 2024

Meera Bai, also known as Mirabai or Bhakta Meera, was a prominent 16th-century Indian saint and poetess who is celebrated for her devotional and mystical poetry, which was primarily dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Meera Bai Jayanti 2024 date is October 17. Her birth anniversary is annually held on Ashwin Purnima tithi or the full moon day in Ashwin month. Life and work of Mira Bai are an essential part of the Bhakti movement, a religious and social movement in India that emphasized a personal and loving devotion to God.

Here is a short biography of Meera Bai:

Birth and Early Life: Meera Bai was born in 1498 in a royal Rajput family in Merta, Rajasthan, India. She was the daughter of Ratan Singh, the king of Merta, and was raised in a household with a strong Rajput tradition.

Marriage to Rana Kumbha: Meera was married to Rana Kumbha of Mewar, a politically powerful figure at the time. Her marriage took place at a young age, but her heart was already deeply devoted to Lord Krishna.

Devotion to Bhagavan Sri Krishna: Meera Bai's love for Bhagavan Sri Krishna was profound. She considered Krishna to be her true husband, and her devotion to him was all-consuming. She expressed her devotion through her bhajans (devotional songs) and poems, which conveyed her deep longing for her divine beloved.

Conflict with the Royal Family: Meera's devotion to Bhagavan Sri Krishna often put her at odds with her royal family, who were followers of the Hindu god Shiva. She faced persecution and opposition from her in-laws, but her faith remained unshaken.

Journey of Devotion: Meera Bai's life is marked by her wanderings and her devotion. She left the palace and went on pilgrimages, singing her devotional songs, and attracting followers along the way. Her journey took her to various places of religious significance, including Vrindavan and Mathura, closely associated with Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

Legend and Legacy: Meera Bai's devotion and her poems have become legendary. Her songs continue to be popular and are sung by devotees across India. She is seen as an iconic figure of unparalleled devotion and an example of unwavering love for God.

Disappearance: The exact details of Meera Bai's death remain uncertain, and there are various accounts of her life and disappearance. Some say she merged with her beloved Bhagavan Sri Krishna, while others suggest she entered into samadhi.

Meera Bai's life is a testament to the power of unwavering devotion and her enduring legacy in the form of her devotional poetry continues to inspire people to this day. Her bhajans and poems, filled with love and longing for Krishna, are cherished by millions of Hindu devotees in India and around the world.