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Kerala Hindu Marriage Dates 2024 in Malayalam Panchangam – Vivaha Muhurtam as per Malayalam Calendar in 2024

Hindu marriage dates 2024 in Kerala as per Malayalam Panchangam is different from other regions as Kerala calendar is based on solar movement. Here are the marriage dates in 2024 as per. Manorama, Guruvayur Panchangam and Mathurbhumi Panchangam. There will be other Vivaha Muhurtam especially in Chingamasam (August – September) but that will be for a short period and you will need the help of a local astrologer.

Kerala Hindu Marriage Dates 2024

January 2024 – No dates
February 2024 – No dates
March 2024 – March 22, March 25, and March 26
April 2024 – April 21, April 24 and April 26
May 2024 – No dates
June 2024 – No dates
July 2024 – July 3, July 10, July 12, and July 13
August 2024 – August 28
September 2024 – September 4, September 10 and September 14
October 2024 – no dates given   
November 2024 – no dates given
December 2024 – no dates given

Note - Panchangams avoid many dates and only provide the very best. There will be a small period which is suitable for marriage in other days - but for this you will need the help of a local astrologer who will take into account sunrise, tithi, rashi, nakshatra etc and also the place where marriage is to be held.

The other dates will be prepared only after Malayalam calendar 2000 is available or 2024 calendar is published.